Driving Energy Efficiency
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Driving Energy Efficiency

Adding Electric Vehicles to Fleet

Reliable energy and freedom of movement are two of the keys to power modern life. We are all looking for ways to make these elements of our lives more efficient – conserving energy, reducing pollution and saving money. For us, that search has extended to our fleet of vehicles.

Many Americans have begun to find such efficiency through battery electric vehicles (EVs), and the trend could grow dramatically in the next decade. With technology investments, EV ranges continue to increase and this is providing valuable alternatives to drivers and energy customers in our region. These vehicles cost less to operate and reduce pollution, and often charge during off-peak hours.

We have remained committed to reducing our environmental footprint and cost savings, as well. So we looked for ways to seamlessly incorporate EVs into our operations, seeking to reduce emissions and enhance our environmental stewardship.

Man loads mail and materials into Pepco's Zero Emission VehicleOur Mobile Messenger team – a group that delivers mail and materials between our facilities – was ready to lead the charge within our company. The team travels an average of 126 miles per day, and their work is crucial to our business. Using EVs helps to eliminate the refueling trips required for gas-powered vehicles, enabling the team to charge their vehicles while making deliveries at locations along their routes.

Working with colleagues on our Vehicle Resource Management and Smart Grid & Technology teams, the Mobile Messenger team helped configure the new vehicles to ensure they had enough cargo space to meet their needs. And on Earth Day, they rolled out their new Kia® Soul EVs. Since adding these vehicles, the team has cut costs while continuing to deliver for our business.  

These vehicles are just the latest additions to our increasingly eco-friendly fleet. Elsewhere, we have incorporated hybrids and plug-in vehicles into crucial operations, and we are continually researching new ways to save energy and money while preserving the environment.

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