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Capital Grid NOC Filing

From our earliest days, Pepco has stood on the forefront of innovation in the energy sector. We started out electrifying street lights and street cars across the District of Columbia. We pioneered efforts to place power lines underground to protect our services from the whims of increasingly volatile weather conditions. We have remained steadfast in our commitment to delivering safe, reliable, affordable energy to the families and businesses who call the Washington area home.

Building on that tradition in the 21st century means seeking out innovative ways to update our grid, promote clean energy, and tap into cutting-edge technologies. It means constructing a dependable, smarter grid that delivers solar power to those who want it; that leads the charge on battery storage; and that does it all while continuing the record reliability performance we delivered last year – which saw the fewest outages and the shortest restoration times in our history.

Meeting these goals is not easy. But at Pepco, we never expected our jobs to be simple. We embrace new ideas and initiatives that help us fulfill our mission – and one of the ways we are keeping our promises is through the Capital Grid Project.

This is a forward-looking plan that will strengthen the Capital area energy system over the long haul. It will promote enhanced resilience and create smarter infrastructure. In the process, it will bolster our local economy, better serve our growing neighborhoods, and open the door to expanded use of clean energy in our region.

At the heart of this effort is the construction of the Mount Vernon Substation, a critical component of our ability to accommodate the District's growing population. Our stakeholders challenged us to consider alternative means to address this demand on our grid, and while we cannot test every great energy idea at this site, we are dedicated to making it a center for sustainability and environmental innovation. To that end, Pepco is proposing to include battery storage as part of the energy supply at the new Mount Vernon Substation. We will always keep our eyes open for ways to build smarter, more innovative infrastructure, without ever losing sight of our responsibility to reliably provide energy to our customers.

The great Thomas Edison – who gave birth to the energy sector well over a century ago – once famously said that “what you are will show in what you do.” Those are words I think of each time I walk into our headquarters in the heart of the District at Edison Place. Because who we are and what we do are one and the same: we are a company constantly focused on results for our customers, prosperity for our economy, and progress for our future. We are a part of Washington's infrastructure; in fact, we have led the charge in building it. And we will continue to be a leader in creating, designing, and developing the next generation of energy solutions for the customers we are privileged to serve and the communities we are proud to call home.