Above and Beyond: Delmarva Power Employees “Swoop” to the Rescue of Local Osprey
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Above and Beyond: Delmarva Power Employees “Swoop” to the Rescue of Local Osprey

Whether it’s traveling to Puerto Rico to help restore energy after Hurricanes Maria and Irma or working around-the-clock in freezing, wintery conditions to restore power to communities across the Peninsula, Delmarva Power lineworkers have a reputation for service and a proven track record of being there when they are needed most.

But acts of heroism happen in all shapes and sizes -- including a recent encounter a Delmarva Power employee had with a member of the avian family.

On March 26, 2019, Delmarva Power’s Kenny Ervin, trouble and serviceman, received a call from the dispatch office reporting a possible bird stuck on a power line.

Once on scene, Kenny knew there was something different about this call. The lines were in great shape. He looked around and was surprised to suddenly see a nearby group of officers from Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources looking up toward the top of a tree. Everyone was looking at an osprey dangling from a branch upside down. It looked as if the bird’s foot was tangled in some bailing twine, which also was tangled in one of the tree’s branches.

Seeing the bird struggling to free itself, Kenny jumped into action. Being the only person on site with equipment to attempt a rescue, Kenny received permission from the property owner to help and moved his bucket truck in position. He safely used his pole clip, which is typically used to trim branches from around power lines, to free the osprey. After a few attempts, Kenny was able to cut the string, allowing the osprey to fly away with ease to the sighs of relief from onlookers below.

Click image to view rescue video.

“I really don’t see myself as a hero or someone that did anything special,” said Ervin. “I was just doing my job in the safest way possible. I was glad this interaction with State wildlife closed with a happy ending.”

At Delmarva Power, we take pride in the work we do to keep our customers energized; but we also take pride in protecting the local habitat and being there when our communities need us.